The environmental analysis function guarantees a close cooperation between the Association and current research, at the same time strengthening the Baltic Sea Centre network with key actors in the region.

For clear waters along the Svealand Coast

Activites at the Svealand Coastal Water Association include extensive monitoring and sampling of water quality along the Svealand Coast. This monitoring is fully integrated, both in terms of methodology and analytical quality, with the national environmental monitoring.

The Association is also working for improved integration between different basin control programmes in the region and their own monitoring activities. An enhanced coordination leads to more cost-effective programs and ensure more data in the region are comparable and can be evaluated together. The Association has also developed a recommendation for quality requirements for water analyzes.

Annual water status report

The environmental analysis function has been mandated by the Association to produce an annual report on the state of the coastal waters ranging from Dalälvens estuary in the north to Bråviken in the south. The report presents the latest results of the studies done in the region, and is produced by the communication department at the Baltic Sea Centre.