An international research alliance...

Baltic Nest Institute (BNI) is an international research alliance between Stockholm University's Baltic Sea Centre, The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Aarhus University and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).
BNI compiles information from many organizations around the Baltic Sea for use in the Nest model.

... for an unique model

The decision support system Nest consists of several interconnected models and databases mapping the Baltic Sea ecosystem. They generate support for decision-making, and have been valuable in international negotiations between the Baltic countries, as well as used in many research projects. The system is constantly developing.

Key role in the Baltic Sea Action Plan

During 2013, the rescue plan for the Baltic Sea (HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan) was renegotiated within HELCOM and the Baltic Sea countries. Decisions included reductions in the supply levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, overall for the Baltic Sea as well as from every country. In this work, the BNI and the Nest model played a key role. Read about the HELCOM ministral meeting 2013.

Fundamental part of many research projects

Baltic Nest Institute participates in many national and international research projects trying to solve and understand the Baltic Sea environmental problems and show the consequences of different courses of action.