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Askö Laboratory

Marine research at Stockholm University

Stockholm University has a long tradition of marine research, especially focusing on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea Centre was founded to strengthen and consolidate the major marine activities available here. We aim to improve the visibility of research and current projects, and make sure the results are spread to inform society.


Strategic marine environmental research funding

Since the formal end of the BEAM programme 2015, the funds for strategic Baltic research areas (SFO) are allocated to the Baltic Sea Centre. While waiting for a final decision on whether these grants will be permanent or not, 2016 has been an interimistic year.

BEAM puff

Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management

BEAM (2010-2015) is a collaboration between ten research units at Stockholm University and combines and integrates the University’s successful research on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management.

Plankton studies to understand the Baltic Sea food web

Excellent marine and Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University has long had a leading role in research about the Baltic Sea. A review of 10 years of published articles shows that the University is an important contributor to marine research in the Baltic, as well as globally.

Marine research at the University ...

Stockholm University is leading in Baltic Sea research, especially in ecosystem research, research on organic contaminants, natural resource management and the use of ecological modeling to support environmental management.

... is carried out at many Departments

The marine research is a part of the University's Leading Research Areas: Climate, Seas and Environment.