Baltic Sea Centre - a connecting node for marine research

The Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre conduct research to support the management of the Baltic Sea, transmits useful scientific knowledge to the right place in society and provide essential infrastructure for marine monitoring, research and education.


We conduct research

Our researchers work with management- and policy relevant issues, always in close cooperation with a wide network of colleagues both in Sweden and internationally.

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We provide infrastructure for research

One of our most important assignments is to provide, maintain and develop physical resources for marine research, monitoring and education.


We communicate research

At the Baltic Sea Centre communicators and experts collaborate to help society handle its marine environmental problems. We synthesise and distribute scientific results to the right target audience in our society.

Östersjöcentrum analyserar och syntetiserar forskning

We analyse and synthesise research

The Baltic Sea Centre aims at giving support to decision makers and managers with syntheses and analyses of current marine research.

Östersjöcentrum samlar forskning

We gather research

Stockholm University has a long tradition of marine research. The Baltic Sea Centre was founded to strengthen and improve the visibility of marine research and current projects at the university.


We fund research

The Baltic Sea Centre is assigned to administer the University's government grant for strategic and interdisciplinary Baltic Sea research.


We offer ground resources ...

One of the Baltic Centre's main tasks is to provide, develop and maintain expensive physical and financial resources for marine research.

... and convey useful knowledge

Another important task is to make research results and information available for those who work with management as well as and other interested parties.