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Karin Steffensen talks about diversity

A liberating diversity

Karin Steffensen is section manager for the Professional Development unit within the Human Resources Office at Stockholm University. In addition to managing the work of the unit, Karin's primary mission to develop and support the University's managers and leaders, both as a group and individually. Among other things, Karin is responsible for the University's management and leadership development programmes. Karin bases her approach on the view that management and leadership can be challenging and complex, but also rewarding and fulfilling. Leadership can be trained, the challenge lies in giving managers clear conditions, knowledge and tools so they can shoulder the role of manager and leader.

Mats WIklund. Foto: Eva Dalin

The serviette

Mats Wiklund is a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, with a focus on computer game based learning. He is one of the initiators of Stockholm University's degree programme in computer games development.

Martin Jakobsson. Photo: Glenn Mattsing

Frozen world – a map of the Arctic Ocean seabed

Martin Jakobsson is a professor of marine geology and geophysics, and head of the Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University.

Ten-year-old boy solved atomic structure

Ten-year-old boy solved atomic structure

Sven Hovmöller is a professor at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry. His son, Linus Hovmöller Zou, became known around the world about two years ago, when he solved the atomic structure of a complex quasicrystal approximant.

Francisco Lacerda. Foto. Eva Dalin

The lie detector bluff

Francisco Lacerda is a professor of phonetics, specialising in the language of infants, at the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University.