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Archive films in English

  • Physics professor and Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek joins Stockholm University 2019-04-12 In 2016, Frank Wilczek Professor of theoretical physics and 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics, joined Stockholm University's Department of Physics.
  • Conferment of Master's Degrees autumn 2016 2018-01-08 See the film from the Conferment of Master's Degrees of autumn 2016.
  • Foto: Marc Femenia Conferment of Master's Degrees 19 May 2017 2018-01-08 See the film from the Conferment of Master's Degrees 19 May 2017
  • Prize ceremony for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology 2017-06-27 The Stockholm Prize in Criminology 2017 was awarded to Professor Richard E. Tremblay. The prize was awarded by H.M. Queen Silvia in Stockholm City Hall June 20. The prize ceremony was broadcasted live.
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Foto: Mostphotos Inhumanities — past and present 2017-05-03 Why did the twentieth century witness unprecedented organized genocide? A multi-dimensional seminar on genocide by Brahe Educational Foundation and Stockholm University. "Be aware of how easily people can be persuaded to commit genocide if no one speaks up against it", says Holocaust survivor Henry Oster. A full recording of the event, which took place on 28 April 2017, is available on this page.
  • Photo: Mostphotos Ig Nobel prize winners at Stockholm University 2018-06-19 The Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded every year for ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think". Swedish writer and journalist Fredrik Sjöberg is one of the winners of this alternative prize for his research about the pleasures of collecting flies that are dead, and flies that are not yet dead. Watch the event at
  • Stockholm Brain Science Symposium 2016: Imaging Brains and Minds 2016-12-12 This event marks the inauguration of the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC), an interdisciplinary centre for neuroimaging research. Three leading researchers share their discoveries and challenges from the frontlines of brain science.
  • The Brains Behind Morality 2016-12-12 Lecture by Patricia Smith Churchland. Patricia is a Canadian-American analytical philosopher noted for her contributions to neurophilosophy and the philosophy of mind. She is UC President's Professor of Philosophy Emerita at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The lecture was held on 2 december 2016 at the Beijer Hall, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • To understand mathematics and ICT 2016-11-29 The mathematics of non-experts, by Stefan Buijsman, Philosophy. Using ICT to improve thesis quality, by Nam Aghaee, Information and Communication Technology. Lectures from Researcher's day 2016.
  • Climate history and political branding 2016-11-23 Public lectures during Researcher's day by Meighan Boyd, Physical Geography and Andrea Lucarelli, Business and economics.
  • Why did Trump win? Populism and the 2016 US elections 2018-03-28 Why did Donald Trump win the 2016 US elections? Is Trump's populism a threat to democracy? Benjamin Moffitt at the Dept. of Political Science talks about populism, democracy, and why Donald Trump won the 2016 US elections.

Tony Oursler, ”The Influence Machine”, 2002. Magasin III Projekt Djurgårdsbrunn, 2002. Foto: Mattias Givell.
Tony Oursler's The Influence Machine 2018-06-15 As a preview of future activities in Accelerator, the video artist Tony Oursler's acclaimed work The Influence Machine (2000–2002) was performed outdoors at Frescati campus on October 20th. The performance was a result of the collaboration between Accelerator and Magasin III.
  • Orientation Day Autumn 2011 2016-07-11 Each term – or semester, as it's known as in the USA – Student Services holds an Orientation Day for international students who've been accepted on a course or programme starting that term. The Orientation Day is a combined event for both master's and exchange students, giving all new international students get a chance to meet each other. The autumn 2011 Orientation Day took place on August 25, 2011.
  • Youngest Ph.D wants to understand the mathematics of non-experts 2018-04-09 Whether mathematics is real, or a story we agreed upon, has long been debated by philosophers. A new dissertation from Stockholm University shows that philosophers failed to include non-experts in the theories. Stefan Buijsman recently defended his thesis in philosophy of mathematics, as Sweden's youngest Ph.D ever.
  • Adam Helms Lecture 2015 2015-06-01
  • Master's degree ceremony spring 2015 2018-02-06 See the Master's degree ceremony spring 2015.
  • Prehistoric DNA reveals dog origin 2018-03-28 Man's best friend, the dog, may have been around far longer than we thought. A new study shows that the dog's predecessor was separated from the wolf already sometime between 27 000 and 40 000 years ago.
  • Viking dragon head found at Birka 2018-03-28 Archaeologists from Stockholm University and Germany made an unexpected discovery last week when they were digging in the port of the Viking town of Birka, on Björkö in Lake Mälaren.
  • Love Dalen with tusk in Siberia Woolly mammoth genomes mapped 2018-03-28 Before the world's last woolly mammoth took its final breath, the iconic animals had already suffered from a considerable loss of genetic diversity. These findings were made in the first ever publication of the full DNA sequence of the extinct animal by an international team of scientists from Stockholm University, the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Harvard Medical School among others.
  • New students at Orientation Day 2018-06-13 We asked students attending Orientation Day on 19 January 2015 why they chose Stockholm University and how they found being here so far. (Video 1:43)
  • Magisterpromotion HT 2014 2015-02-17 See the film from the Master's degree ceremony autumn 2014
  • Two researchers comment the Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 2018-04-09 On October 10, it was announced that the French writer Patrick Modiano is awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Literature. Two researchers at Stockholm University comment on the election and talk about their research on Modiano.
  • Master's degree ceremony spring 2014 2018-02-06 See the Master's degree ceremony spring 2014.
  • The Adam Helms Lecture 2014 2014-05-06 The Adam Helms Lecture 2014 Claire Squires: The Red Pen, the Publisher and the University Inspelning från 5 maj klockan i Aula Magna på Stockholms universitet
  • Nobel week and Stockholm University 2013 2018-03-28 Nobel Week takes place each year in December in Stockholm and it is one of the most important weeks of the year for many at Stockholm University. Several of our researchers participate in the Nobel Committees, while others have close ties with the Nobel Laureates and their prizewinning discoveries. This short film gives a glimpse of the excitement that many students and staff at the University experience during Nobel Week.
  • Chemistry Nobel Laureates discuss creativity in science. 2014-01-10
  • Master's degree ceremony autumn 2013 2018-02-06 See the Master's degree ceremony autumn 2013.
  • Foto: © 2013 Team Medieproduktion Keep farming or back to nature? The challenge of managing the complexity of farmland abandonment. 2013-10-16 Sustainability Science Cibele Queiroz
  • View of Stockholm. Photo: Per Larsson Study in Stockholm 2018-04-09
  • Master's degree ceremony spring 2011 2013-06-04 See the Master's degree ceremony spring 2011
  • Master´s degree ceremony autumn 2011 2013-06-04 See the Master's degree ceremony autumn 2011.
  • Master's degree ceremony spring 2012 2013-06-04 See the Master's degree ceremony spring 2012.
  • Master´s degree ceremony autumn 2012 2013-06-04 See the Master's degree ceremony autumn 2012.
  • Adam Helms Lecture 2013 2013-05-16 Mark Coker: "THe future of book publishing"
  • Master's degree ceremony spring 2013 2018-02-06 See the Master's degree ceremony spring 2013.
  • Navarino Environmental Observatory 2018-02-06 A Dream Come True
  • International students at Orientation Day 2016-07-11 Students from around the world received a warm welcome and an overview of life in Sweden and at Stockholm University during the 2012 autumn term Orientation Day.
  • Orientation Day Spring 2011 2016-12-14 Stockholm University welcomed new international students to the spring 2011 term in the context of the Orientation Day that took place in January this year. The Orientation programme is held twice yearly in the Aula Magna – the Great Hall – one of architect Ralph Erskine's most important achievements.
  • Students congregate outside Aula Magna, the University's conference centre and lecture complex. Photo: Jon Buscall University welcomes international students 2010-09-01 On Wednesday last week Aula Magna thronged to the sound of English as the University held an orientation day for international students. [Orientation Day Autumn 2010]

Films in English

This archive contains open lectures, research news, student interviews and ceremonies that have taken place at Stockholm University in recent years. 

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