• Nu är det bara upp till dig! 2016-07-14 Alice Bah Kuhnke om sin tid vid Stockholms universitet.
  • Tre råd till en ny student 2016-07-14 Rudi Bjerregaard, pedagogisk konsult på Stockholms universitet, ger sina tre viktigaste råd om studieteknik. (2011)
  • Orientation Day Autumn 2011 2016-07-11 Each term – or semester, as it's known as in the USA – Student Services holds an Orientation Day for international students who've been accepted on a course or programme starting that term. The Orientation Day is a combined event for both master's and exchange students, giving all new international students get a chance to meet each other. The autumn 2011 Orientation Day took place on August 25, 2011.
  • Youngest Ph.D wants to understand the mathematics of non-experts 2018-04-09 Whether mathematics is real, or a story we agreed upon, has long been debated by philosophers. A new dissertation from Stockholm University shows that philosophers failed to include non-experts in the theories. Stefan Buijsman recently defended his thesis in philosophy of mathematics, as Sweden's youngest Ph.D ever.
  • New students at Orientation Day 2018-06-13 We asked students attending Orientation Day on 19 January 2015 why they chose Stockholm University and how they found being here so far. (Video 1:43)
  • View of Stockholm. Photo: Per Larsson Study in Stockholm 2018-04-09
  • Student möter mentor från arbetslivet 2013-03-04 Livia Wanntorp, forskare vid Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, är mentor för Sandra Holmgren som studerar på biologiprogrammet. Det centrala mentorsprogrammet vid Stockholms universitet kopplar ihop studenter med alumner för att minska klyftan mellan studier och arbetsliv.
  • An American in Stockholm An American Student in Stockholm! 2018-09-24 American student Alejandro Verbiest talks about living in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Verbiest, a Master's student in Political Science, gives his take on studying at Stockholm University, the safe city of Stockholm, the public transportation system, and much more.
  • Sara och Yessica är nya studenter som känner att de behöver lära sig mer om studieteknik. Men det finns hjälp att få... Så klarar du studierna på Stockholms universitet 2018-02-06 Sara och Yessica är nya studenter som känner att de behöver lära sig mer om studieteknik. Men det finns hjälp att få...
  • International students at Orientation Day 2016-07-11 Students from around the world received a warm welcome and an overview of life in Sweden and at Stockholm University during the 2012 autumn term Orientation Day.
  • Orientation Day Spring 2011 2016-12-14 Stockholm University welcomed new international students to the spring 2011 term in the context of the Orientation Day that took place in January this year. The Orientation programme is held twice yearly in the Aula Magna – the Great Hall – one of architect Ralph Erskine's most important achievements.
  • Students congregate outside Aula Magna, the University's conference centre and lecture complex. Photo: Jon Buscall University welcomes international students 2010-09-01 On Wednesday last week Aula Magna thronged to the sound of English as the University held an orientation day for international students. [Orientation Day Autumn 2010]

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