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Adam SlabonAssistant Professor


Our goal is the  development of materials and sustainable methods for environmental applications and solar energy conversion.  


Materials for a sustainable society

Materials for energy

1. Carbon fixation by green chemistry for a C1-based bioeconomy (Vinnova, 2020-2023)

2. Nanostructured semiconductor photoelectrodes (CSC, 2017-2022) 

3. Tandem Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis (KAW, 2020-2022)

Materials for environment

Tailoring green processes for recovering particles (MISTRA SafeChem, 2020-2023)


Synthesis and processing methods for sustainable materials

Green material synthesis

Electrochemical depolymerization (Carl Tryggers Stiftelse, 2020-2021) 

Biobased  material processing

Recycling of lithium ion batteries (Olle Engkvists Stiftelse, 2020-2021)


Group members

1. Can Lu (PhD student)

2. Zheng Chen (PhD student)

3. Jedrzej Piatek (PhD student)

4. Jianhong Chen (PhD student)

6. Joy Onwumere (PhD student)

6. Dr. Tetyana Budnyak (Researcher)

7. Prof. Dr. Bruno Manzolli  (Researcher)

8. Dr. Robin Gueret (Researcher)

9. Dr. Márcia Gabriely Alves da Cruz (Researcher)