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Alexander Koutsouris


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The primary goal of my PhD-project is to improve our ability to model the hydrological impacts of land-water management on water resources in Tanzania, Africa. This will aid development by creating a tool to quantify future impacts of various land-water management strategies on water resources. Specifically, the project will focus on understanding the impact of land management strategies within the Kilombero Valley (KV) of central Tanzania on water resources as an important and representative case study. The objectives within this primary goal are to:

(1) Develop a base hydrological modelling approach capable of simulating a process-based connection between land-water management and water resources.

(2) Characterize the current water resource conditions in the KV with regard to the partitioning of seasonally delivered rainwater between groundwater recharge and direct runoff using tracer-based hydrologic analysis to constrain the base hydrological modelling.

(3) Create a tool to aid development in KV and similar areas in Africa capable of quantifying impacts of various land-water management strategies under potential climatic changes.


Supervisor: Steve Lyon

Senast uppdaterad: 31 maj 2018

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