Anastasia Thomai "Anthemis" Raptopoulou

Anastasia-Thomai Raptopoulou


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Arbetar vid Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik
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Om mig

Anastasia-Thomai "Anthemis" Raptopoulou is a doctoral student in the Department of Education. Anthemis’ research interest is in the area of education policy and education governance. Her doctoral study focuses on the recent addition of programming into the Swedish compulsory curriculum and the policy-making process.

Anthemis has a background in education, with a bachelor’s degree in Primary School Education at University of Thessaly and a master’s degree in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University. Apart from policy studies, her research interests involve research on digitalization in education, digital games and Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL).



Raptopoulou, A. (2020). Preschool teachers’ perspectives and use of digital game-based learning. In: V. Symeonidis, U. Fredriksson, & P. Gougoulakis (Eds.), Special Issue: Comparative education insights between Greece and Sweden: The research work of Greek postgraduate students in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University. Comparative and International Education Review, 25(2), 69-88.

Raptopoulou, A.-T. (2015). Mind the Gap: A qualitative study on preschool teachers’ perception on digital game-based learning [Master thesis, Stockholm University].

Androulakis G., Efthimiadou, C., Kitsiou, R., Milini, N., Rakitzi, K., Raptopoulou, A. (2012). Construction of the sociolinguistic profile of bilingual Albanian students in Greek schools as perceived by their teachers. Proceedings of  2nd Crossroads of Languages and Cultures: Greek-Albanian Contact conference (p. 8-15), Thessaloniki: Faculty of Education, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki



Raptopoulou, A. & Munhall, B. (2020). The  implementation  of  programming  in  the  Swedish  education  system  as  means  to democracy. Paper presented at NERA2020 conference in Turku, Finland.

Raptopoulou, A. (2019). Teaching in change: The case of programming in Sweden. Paper presented at ECER 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

Raptopoulou, A. (2019). Curriculum reforms and the business interest: The case of programming in the Swedish education system. Paper presented at NERA2019 conference in Uppsala, Sweden

Raptopoulou, A. (2017). Digital game-based learning: How far have we come? Paper presented in NERA2017 conference in Copenhagen 23-25 March, 2017.

Raptopoulou, A. (2016). Digital games as a medium for the promotion of social change. A literature review on persuasive games. Paper presented in NERA2016 conference in Helsinki 9-11 March, 2016.


Membership in Research Networks and Projects

Member of "PRIVATOPIA - Research Network on the Privatization of European Education"

Member of "Didactics as Communication" Research Group, Department of Education, Stockholm University

Member of the research team in the project “Creative multilingualism: From practice to research to education”. The project is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (HFRI) and led by Prof. George Androulakis, Director of the Greek Language and Multilingualism Laboratory, Department of Primary Education, University of Thessaly.

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