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Om mig

I'm a systematic botanist (a scientist who classifies plants: what plants are out there and how are they related to each other?) from Canada with a background in traditional and molecular approaches to studying species relationships. I started exploring the world of plants during my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and continued with an MSc in the Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. After my MSc, I travelled to Australia to pursue a PhD studying a species complex of native Australian arid-zone grasses (Triodia). I've now come to Sweden to study the genomics of parasitic plants with Gitte Petersen in the hopes of revealing patterns of evolution among them, which can in turn reveal evolutionary relationships.


Research – Genomics of Parasitic Plants

The goal of the current project is to better understand the genomic diversity of parasitic angiosperms (flowering plants that rely on other plants for water and/or nutrients). The primary emphasis will be on assembling the genomes of mitochondria (organelles for energy production in the cell) in order to assess (1) the presence/absence of key genes and (2) the amount of detectable horizontal gene transfer (DNA from other organisms). There may also be opportunity to couple mitochondrial data with nuclear and/or chloroplast data for assessing (3) the phylogenetic placement of some lineages.

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