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Caroline UgglaForskare

Om mig

PhD, University College London

Caroline Uggla is a researcher at SUDA (Stockholm University Demography Unit), at the Sociology department, Stockholm University. Her research interests lie in human behavioural ecology and evolutionary demography and are based around a life course perspective. With a background in anthropology she has worked both with household survey data from sub-Saharan Africa to explore inequalities in health, and broad population register data from developed countries to examine contextual effects on fertility and mortality. She is also interested in the effects of adult sex ratio skews on demographic outcomes.

Caroline’s google scholar page can be found here


Academic Background

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Bristol (Jan-Jul 2016)

Post-doctoral researcher, University College London (Oct 2014-Dec 2015)

PhD Anthropology University College London (2015)

MRes Anthropology (Distinction) University College London (2010)

BA (Hons) Anthropology (1st Class) Durham University (2009)



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Uggla, C. and Andersson, G. (2018). Higher divorce risk when mates are plentiful? Evidence from Denmark. Biology Letters 14 20180475, published online 26 September 2018. DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2018.0475

Uggla, C. and Billingsley, S. (2018). Unemployment, intragenerational social mobility and mortality in Finland: Heterogeneity by age and economic context. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. doi:10.1136/jech-2018-210457

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Working papers

Uggla, C. and Saarela, J. (2021). "First partner choice in a native minority: The role of own and parental ethnolinguistic affiliation in Finland". Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (working paper), 2021:10


Uggla, C., Mussino, E. and Aradhya, S. (2020). “Are women from man-older unions economically disadvantaged following separation? Analysing benefit recipiency among ancestral and immigrant mothers in Sweden”. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (working paper), 2020:48


Uggla, C., and Wilson, B. (2020). “Age gaps between partners among immigrants and their descendants: Adaptation across time and generations?” Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (working paper), 2020:17