Christoph Baldauf


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Arbetar vid Företagsekonomiska institutionen
Telefon 08-16 11 67
Besöksadress Kräftriket, hus 3, 7, 15 och 24
Postadress Företagsekonomiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

My research focuses on online retail operations including for example retail delivery, returns management, or inventory and warehousing issues. I also have an interest in understanding the customer's behavior and how it can be incorporated into operational decision-making. In my research, I rely on quantitative methods and statistical as well as econometrical analysis to support retailers with real-life problems. When I am not sitting in my basement office I like to travel, which also reflects in my personality that has been shaped by numerous overseas stays. Those made me aware of different cultures and traditions, which ultimately formed the inquisitive character I possess today.


Business Analytics Data, Models and Decisions (BUSA) - Postgrauate Level

Operations Management (OPM) - Undergraduate Level

Thesis Supervision - Undergraduate Level

Senast uppdaterad: 15 januari 2020

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