Prof. Mattias Edén

Mattias Edén


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Telefon 08-16 23 75
Besöksadress Svante Arrhenius väg 16 C
Rum C 526
Postadress Institutionen för material- och miljökemi 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

  • Professor in Physical Chemistry since 2013
  • Lecturer at Physical Chemistry Division since 2012
  • Senior research fellow (VR; Swedish Research Council); 2007-2012
  • Junior research fellow (VR); 2002-2006
  • Postdoctoral research fellow with Lucio Frydman (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA; Weizmann Inst. of Science, Israel); 2000-2001
  • Ph.D studies in Physical Chemistry (Stockholm University) with Malcolm H Levitt; 1994-1999


Theory and applications of solid state NMR: (1) Engineering of advanced NMR methodology encompassing both spins-1/2 and half-integer quadrupolar spins; most methods utilize various aspects of dipolar couplings (homo- as well as heteronuclear) to establish site proximities/connectivities and to estimate inter-nuclear distances and molecular geometries. (2) Applictions of solid state NMR to structural studies of crystalline and amorphous inorganic materials, in particular minerals, ceramics and glasses. (3) Development of efficient numerical protocols for simulating NMR experiments.

Scientific Output

~110 regular scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and ~50 conference contributions; >3300 citations (h-index 30)


  • aluminosilicate glasses
  • bioactive glass
  • glass structure
  • NMR simulations
  • rf pulse sequence design in solid state NMR
  • Solid State NMR applied to Materials Chemistry


Group members

 From left: Yang Yu, Gholamhasan Teymoori, Renny Mathew, Alexander Jaworski
From left: Yang Yu, Gholamhasan Teymoori, Renny Mathew, Alexander Jaworski

This group is consisting at the moment of 2 PhD-students (Yang Yu, Hua Guo), and 1 researcher (Baltzar Stevenson) .

We combine results from solid-state NMR spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations to improve the structural understanding of several groups of disordered inorganic materials, primarily silicate-based glasses.


Postdoc Opportunities

If you are interested in doing postdoctoral work in my group, please contact me!

Please note: a sound background in MAS NMR is required.


Check out our recent reviews on NMR and glass structure:


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