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Om mig

Doktorand i musikvetenskap sedan mars 2016. Masterexamen i estetiska vetenskaper med huvudområde musikvetenskap från Stockholms universitet med masteruppsatsen ”A Posthumanist Aesthetics of Physicality in Music: An Understanding of the Mind-Body Problem with Music by Marie Samuelsson”. Bachelor of Arts in Music från University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. 


The dissertation discusses music as an art of movement – movement in time, space and body – and primarily uses philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s concept of becoming (devenir) to describe these proceedings. The concept refers to movement, process and change, and the purpose is to see how music primarily from the twentieth century can be interpreted and understood through this concept.

Music makes our bodies move and we can be emotionally moved by music, but in what ways does music move itself? This is a common question, yet the notion of movement is often used in general ways when describing the art of music. Here Deleuze’s concept of becoming is used to to see how music is created, but also understood and experienced. Movement is also related to affect in the sense that, according to Deleuze, art has the ability to produce affect, sensation and influence, as it concerns the ability of creating and making change – change in time and space, as well as in bodies’ being in these dimensions.

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