Florent Audy

Florent Audy


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Om mig

Born 1984 in Poitiers, France. MA from Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Archaeology and Art History, 2010. MA from Université Paris IV-Sorbonne in Scandinavian Civilisation, 2012. I have studied history, archaeology and languages in various universities, including those of Poitiers, Paris and Uppsala. Keeping Viking and Early Medieval periods as my main focus, I am especially interested in coins, ornaments, funerary practices and religion. As part of my education, I have written three Master’s theses, one on coin-pendants in Birka graves, one on Byzantine coin-pendants in Viking Age Scandinavia and one on coins in Gotlandic graves.


Coin-pendants in Viking Age Scandinavia
My thesis deals with the coin-pendants found in Viking Age Scandinavia, that is the coins with suspension holes or loops worn by Norse women as ornaments. These specific pieces of jewellery are fairly common in hoards, graves and settlement remains all over the Viking world, but have never been thoroughly studied. Most of the time, coin-pendants are treated as simple and ordinary coins, while they had a completely new function, ornamental and symbolic. This thesis aims at understanding this new function, by paying particular attention to the specimens deposited in Scandinavian graves.
Methodologically speaking, the study of coin-pendants must combine two different approaches: (1) a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account numismatic, technical and archaeological aspects, (2) a biographical approach that regards the various lives in which the coins were involved. By doing so, it will become possible to understand why the fashion of wearing coin-pendants reappeared during the Viking-age and why it disappeared afterwards. It will become possible to determine how coins, ornaments, people and mortuary practices were connected and interrelated.

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