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Om mig

About me

I have a PhD in Geography with emphasis on Human geography. In my research I am focusing on economic and urban geography. I am currently working on research on policy development, the green economy and regional development. My research is mainly focused on Sweden with an European (EU) outlook. 

Since 2018-07-01 I am working as a senior lecturer at the School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences at Örebro University.

Current research

From July 2016 I am working full time in a three year project called "Sustainable housing 2.0? The role of policy networks and eco innovations in the wood based housing sector in Sweden" funded by Wallanderstiftelsen at Handelsbanken. This project aims to investigate how policy networks and eco innovations have impacted sustainable housing policies and the development of the wood based housing sector. In this project, theory on innovation and green economy are brought into dialogue with literature on urban policy mobilities in order to research and understand the interactive processes between policy networks and eco innovation, and how these in turn have affected sustainable housing policies. My approach to this research topic will have a particular emphasis on the corporate sphere (the wood working industry) and the policy-making sphere on variousgeographical scales (national, regional, local). The research mainly covers a Swedish perspective, with some outlooks towards European housing policies in relation to sustainable urban development.

I am a member of the "Green Economices Network" gathering reserachers in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany and Luxemburg. In January 2018 we met for a workshop on the "uneven pathways to the green economy" in Norrköping, Sweden. 

I am involved in project titled "Policy tourism, conferencing and the staging of the European Week of Regions and Cities" together with Ian Cook (Northumbria University, UK). 

I was the editor for the 2018 edition of the Ymer book series by SSAG, titled "Globala flöden och lokala praktiker - policymobilitet i tid och rum" (in English: Global flows and local practices - policymobilities in time and space), gathering 15 authors from around Scandinavia and the UK. The book was launched April 24th 2018 and is available as an e-book with open access


My background

In May 2015 I finished my PhD project titled "Geographies of place branding: Researching through small and medium sized cities". More on this project can be found here. See me talk about this research here (in Swedish).

I have a masters degree in Urban Studies and a bachelors degree in Human Geography from Uppsala University and before I started at the PhD program Stockholm University I was working four years in the financial sector in Stockholm as a project manager and product specialist. 

I was a member of the local organizing committee of the 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting, 18-21 June, 2017. 





I am course organizer and head teacher for two courses on the Human Geography bachelor program: 

  • Ekonomisk Geografi 7,5 poäng, kursansvarig (Economic geography 7,5 credits)
  • Omvärldsanalys metodträning, 7,5 poäng, kursansvarig (Methods in business intelligence 7,5 credits)

In addition to this I also supervise of essays and theses on bachelor and masters level, 15 credits and 30 credits respectively, primarily in the field of policy issues, economic geography and sustainable urban development. 

I give lectures and seminars in a number of different courses relating to economic geography, place branding, green cities, qualitative methods, planning etc. in the planning programs, human geography programs and geography programs on both bachelor and masters level.   




Barquet, Karina & Andersson, Ida (forthcoming) Peace Parks: nation-branding and soft power in Costa Rica, in Fletcher, Robert, Brian Dowd-Uribe & Guntra Aistara, (eds.). Lessons from the Ecolaboratory: Negotiating Environment and Development in Costa Rica. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press.

Andersson, Ida & Borén, Thomas (forthcoming) Kommunala strategier för strategisk planering, in Forsberg, Gunnel (ed.) Lärobok i Samhällsplanering, Liber förlag: Stockholm

Andersson, Ida & James, Laura (2018) Altruism or entrepreneurialism? The co-evolution of green place branding and policy tourism in Växjö, Sweden, Urban Studies, online first, 1 February.

Cook, Ian R. & Andersson, Ida (2018) Tour guides and the hosting of policy tourism: Show and tell in Vällingby and Växjö, in Andersson, Ida (ed.) Globala flöden och lokala praktiker – policymobilitet i tid och rum, Årsboken Ymer. Svenska Sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi, 138. 

Andersson, Ida (2018) Globala flöden och lokala praktiker - En introduktion, in Andersson, Ida (ed.) Globala flöden och lokala praktiker – policymobilitet i tid och rum, Årsboken Ymer. Svenska Sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi, 138. 

Andersson, Ida (2016) “Green cities” going greener? Local environmental policy-making and place branding in “the Greenest city in EuropeEuropean Planning Studies, 24(6): 1197-1215. Available here.  

Andersson, Ida (2015) Geographies of place branding: Researching through small and medium-sized cities. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University, 156 pages. Defended 22 May 2015. Disscussant: Andy Pike, Newcastle University

Andersson, Ida (2014)  Beyond ‘Guggenheiming’: From flagship buildings to flagship space in Sweden. Norwegian Journal of Geography, 68(4): 228-237

Andersson, Ida (2014) Placing place branding: An analysis of an emerging research field in human geography. Danish Journal of Geography, 114(2): 143-155

Stålnacke, Filip & Andersson, Ida (2014) Inre eller yttre målgrupper? En studie av platsmarknadsföring i Göteborg och Stockholm. Geografiska Notiser, 72(1): 7-18

Andersson, Ida & Hermelin, Brita (2012) Hur hållbar utveckling blev en fråga om hållbara städer, nätverksplanering och hållbar tillväxt In Tonell, L. (ed.) Hållbar utveckling. Samhällsplanering, lokala villkor och globala beroenden. Årsboken Ymer. Svenska Sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi, 132: 79-96 

Andersson, Ida (2012) ‘Hotels as creators of new economic spaces in post-industrial towns’ in Smas, Lukas (ed.) Hotel spaces Urban and economic geographical perspectives on hotels and hotel developments, Kulturgeografiskt seminarium 2012(1): 19-37

Andersson, Ida & Niedomysl, Thomas (2010) Clamour for Glamour – City competition for hosting the Swedish tryouts to the Eurovision Song Contest. Journal of Social and Economic Geography vol. 101(2): 111-125 



2018 Challenges of the green city - policies, practices and institutional capabilities

Key note address at the Nordic Association of Architectural Research annual symposium, Seinäjoki, Finland

2018 Accidental sustainability? The case of multi-story housing in wood

Paper presented at the AAG, New Orleans, USA

2017 Policy mobilities in and beyond the Nordic countries Session convener at the 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden with Ian R. Cook, Northumbria University 

2017 Challenges of the green city - Policies, Practices and Innovations Session convener at the 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden 

2017 Wood house safari: study tours as an initiation rite to policy networks Paper presented at the 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Accidental sustainability? The case of multi-story housing in wood Paper presented at the 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Sustainable Housing 2.0? The Role of Policy Networks and Eco Innovations in the Wood Based Housing Sector in Sweden Paper presented at the Regional Studies Annual Conference, Graz, Austria

2015 From the greenest city in Europe to green heptathlon: place branding and policy tourism in Växjö, Sweden. Paper presented at the 4th Global Conference on Economic Geography, Oxford, UK

2015 Looking at spaces of tourism: place branding and spatial stories. Research panel, Nordic Geographers Meeting, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 ”Green Cities” going Greener: Local Environmental Policymaking and Place Branding in the “Greenest City in Europe”. Paper presented at special session at the Regional Studies Association Annual Conference, Piacenza, Italy

2014 Greening the local business community: Collaboration and identity formation in the greenest city in Europe. Paper presentation, IGU Regional Conference, Krakow, Poland

2013 Transferring policies: Green place branding as a tool for ’smart’ growth. Paper presentation, Nordic Geographers Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland

2012 Branding and networking: Hotels as creators of new economic spaces in post-industrial towns. Paper presentation, IGU Cologne, Germany

2011 All that glitters is not branding – a critical approach to case study analysis in place branding research. Paper presentation, AAG, Annual Meeting Seattle, USA



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