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Om mig

About me

My PhD project explores the criminalization of certain forms of migration through visual framing.  

By looking at the developments in the mainstream media discourses – I deconstruct the images that frame the prison-like conditions in which many people fleeing find themselves on their journeys. While photography in the journalistic and activist context can be a highly powerful tool for addressing the inhumane conditions of strandedness and flight, I move beyond the mere content and point to the intersections of racialized and gendered imagery often constructing what the audience makes of the visual information and who a ‘refugee’ might be.

I pursue this on several levels. Firstly, I investigate the representation of migrants and asylum seekers in German, Swedish and Serbian newspapers during the so-called long summer of migration in 2015 or popularly known as the “refugee crisis”.

Secondly, I am involved in a fieldwork study with photographers and editors who were involved in the process of capturing, selection, and publication of the visual materials and the ways in which they contributed to the construction of “the crisis”. 

I aim to understand the ways in which the intense retrenchment of asylum rights and the increased criminalization of asylum seeking through law, policy and political debate has been coopted in the visual media uses and reproductions of such discourses. In doing so I highlight the gendered, ethnifying and racializing practices in visual media(s), their intesections and violent outcomes.


Paper: Violence and the Neoliberal Governing of the 'Unwanted': The case of Serbian Asylum Seekers in Germany
Seeking Asylum – Regional and Global Perspectives”
4-6 August, 2016, Berlin

"Refugee Research Methodologies Workshop"
Istanbul, 11-13 November 2016

Paper: Embodied borders: the interplay of media and police gaze in constructing and policing the “foreigner”

"Contested Borderscapes"

Lesvos, 28 Sep- 1 Oct 2017


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