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Research Areas

Metaethics and related subjects

Academic Background

  • Professor of Practical Philosophy
  • University Lecturer in Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University, since autumn 2008.
  • Tutorial Fellow, Brasenose College; Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford, September 2005 - September 2008.
  • Ph.D. in Practical Philosophy, Uppsala University, May 2005.
  • Assistant Lecturer, University of Otago, New Zealand, September 2004 - March 2005.
  • M.A. in Practical Philosophy, Lund University, January 2001.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Moral Error Theory: History, Critique, Defence. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. Paperback edition 2017. Chinese translation 2021 (Yilin Press). Book symposium in Journal of Moral Philosophy 13 (2016): 397-473. Reviews in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Dialogue, Analysis, Philosophy in Review, Ethics, Philosophical Quarterly, and International Journal for the Study of Skepticism. Book note in Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Edited Book

The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory (co-edited with Iwao Hirose). New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. Paperback edition 2018. (Review in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.) 

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

(Most of the forthcoming papers listed below exist in draft and are available on request.)

  1. 'Are Desires De Dicto Fetishistic?' Inquiry 45 (2002): 89-96.
  2. 'Revisiting the Tropic of Value: Reply to Rabinowicz and Rönnow-Rasmussen'. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 67 (2003): 412-22. 
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  21.  'The Personal and the Fitting', Journal of Moral Philosophy 11 (2014): 341-52. (Critical notice of Toni Rönnow-Rasmussen's Personal Value.)
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Encyclopaedia Entries 

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications (Selection)

  1. 'Sorting Out Reasons: On Stoutlands Criticism of the Belief Desire Model' (with Frans Svensson). In K. Segerberg & R. Sliwinski (eds.), A Philosophical Smorgasboard: Essays in Honour of Frederick Stoutland. Uppsala Philosophical Studies 52, 2003: 143-50. (Predecessor of item 6 in the list of peer-reviewed articles.)
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Publications in Swedish

  1. 'Om värdebärare och värdereduktion'. Filosofisk tidskrift 1/2002: 43-54.
  2. 'Partikularistisk konsekventialism' (med Frans Svensson). Filosofisk tidskrift 3/2004.
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  10. 'Humes sentimentalism – inte non-kognitivism. Filosofisk tidskrift 3/2018.
  11. Review of Anders Hansson, Tre slags etiska teorier? Aristoteles, Kant och Sidgwick om vad vi har skäl att göra. Filosofisk tidskrift 1/2020.
  12. Review of Ingmar Persson, Out of the World: On the Point of Doing Philosophy. Forthcoming in Filosofisk tidskrift.



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Public Media

Essay on David Hume, DN Kultur, 20 January 2020

Essay on Adam SmithFlamman #33, 2019. 

Reply on Hume and Spinoza, DN Kultur, 22 July 2016.

Reply on Nozick and Justice, SvD:s ledarblogg, 30 September 2014. 



If Nothing Matters: Normative Nihilism and Its Implications (with Victor Moberger and Niklas Olsson-Yaouzis). Three-year project commencing January 2020, funded by Vetenskapsrådet

'A Controversy Started of Late': Rationalism and Sentimentalism in 18th Century Metaethics. Three-year project commencing January 2014, funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.