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Juri PalmtagGIS-assistent


Recent teaching in following courses:

 - “GIS and Spatial Analysis I”

 - “GIS and Spatial Analysis II”

 - “GIS and Spatial Analysis III”

 - GIS in “Geografi I”

 - GIS in “Geografi II”




My research interests are: - spatial distribution of soil organic carbon and nitrogen in permafrost-affected soils - fate of organic matter released from thawing permafrost into streams and rivers - carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from nearshore environments - remote sensing and GIS applications



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Other publications:




Strauss, J., Ogneva, O., Palmtag, J. and Fuchs, M., 2021. CACOON Ice: Spring campaign NERC-BMBF project ‘Changing Arctic Carbon Cycle in the Coastal Ocean Near-Shore (CACOON) (chapter 2.1). Reports on Polar and Marine Research - Russian-German Cooperation: Expeditions to Siberia in 2019. Publisher: Alfred Wegener Institute.


Palmtag, J. and Pascual, D., 2020. Soil organic carbon stocks in the Russian taiga. Published in: INTERACT 2020. INTERACT Stories of Arctic Science II. Eds.: Callaghan, T.V., Savela, H., and Johansson, M. DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, Denmark, 134 p.