Khyati Malhan

Khyati Malhan


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Telefon 08-553 785 98
Besöksadress Roslagstullsbacken 21 A, plan 5
Rum A5:1085
Postadress Fysikum 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

I am an astrophysicist, working in the domain of Galactic Dynamics and Galactic Archaeology. In particular, I am invested in the detection and dynamical analyses of a special class of star structures known as Tidal Stellar Streams.
My general research interests are dark matter, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution, globular clusters, dwarf galaxies and local group dynamics.

I completed my PhD (astrophysics) from Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg, France. Currently, I am working as a postdoc researcher at The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics, Department of Physics, Stockholm University, Sweden.

List of publications at SAO/NASA/ADS

Surveys: ESA/Gaia, SDSS, Pan-STARRS1,Pristine, CFIS, LAMOST, SEGUE



Senast uppdaterad: 22 april 2020

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