Kim Ringmar Sylwander. Foto: Niklas Björling.

Kim Ringmar Sylwander


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Arbetar vid Barn- och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen
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Undervisar inom kurser i barn- och ungdomsvetenskap:

- Children, Culture, Globalization

- Självständigt arbete (handledare)



Forskningsprojekt: Young teens' social interaction on a public social networking site: relational aggression, friendship, and sexualization

Ämne: Barn- och ungdomsvetenskap

Handledare: Lucas Gottzén


Sylwander, K. (2013). National Implementation of International Standards on Restorative Justice for Children in Conflict with the Law: A process oriented inquiry based on case studies of the Philippines, South Africa and Peru. Master’s Thesis, the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University.

Sylwander, K. and Vervik, A-C. (2013) Promoting Restorative Justice for Children. Office of the SRSG on Violence against Children. The United Nations, New York.

Sylwander, K. (2014). Why Children’s Protection from Violence Should be at the Heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda: A review of consultations with children on the post-2015 development agenda.  Office of the SRSG on Violence against Children, Plan International and Save the Children. The United Nations, New York.

Cederborg, A.C., Ringmar Sylwander, K. & Blom, K.A. (2016). Research Expanding Current Understandings of Bullying in Sweden. Pensamiento Psicológico, 14(1). doi: 10.11144/Javerianacali.PPSSI14-1.recu

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