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Kathrin Morosow


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Om mig

I am a doctoral student in sociological demography at Stockholm University's Demography Unit.

I received my MSc in Demography and my BA in Social Sciences from the University of Rostock, Germany. 


Basic Demographic Measures (English): Basic Measures, Lexis Diagram, Fertility & Migration Measures
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In my dissertation I focus on social policies and family demographic as well as labor market outcomes. At the center of my attention is the question of who benefits most or is disproportionally disadvantaged by social policies. Differentiating what kind of effects social or family policies have in specific settings or institutional contexts is of interest as well in this framework. 

Especially, my focus will be on unintended policy outcomes. A family policy that works for the northern welfare state doesn’t have to lead to the same outcome in northern America, Asian countries or even other European countries. Policies that aim at specific groups within a country might have disadvantaging effects for other groups. And policies aimed at other aspects in life such as labor market and educational policies might be indirectly affecting fertility or other demographic outcomes. Unintended population outcomes of social policies can either be characterized by overshooting its original goal, by conflicting policies that cancel each other out, or by unintended (negative) outcomes that may or may not have been anticipated.

In my next papers I will use Finnish register data to explore how the cash for care policy affected marital stability in a long-term perspective, and how this benefit affects single mothers' employment trajectories. 

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