Linda Weidenstedt

Linda Weidenstedt

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Om mig

My academic background is very diverse and interdisciplinary, ranging from studies in English Literature & Linguistics to Intercultural Communication, European Law & Politics and Sociology. My common interest in these different disciplines has always been the themes of interaction and communication.


Undergraduate courses:

Organisation and Work, 7.5hp/ECTS

Graduate courses:

Sociological Perspectives on Organisations and Labour Markets, 7.5hp/ECTS




Research interests

  • psychological / informal contracts
  • empowerment
  • employment protection
  • organisational change
  • human resource management/development (HRM/D) and leadership
  • theories on social exchange and reciprocity
  • sociological and social-psychological theories of communication and interaction

Current research

I am a researcher at the Ratio Institute, Stockholm, and my current focus is on two areas: employment protection legislation (LAS) and psychological contracts. In the project on employment protection in Sweden, we investigate how the employment protection act (LAS) works practically for employers, managers/bosses and employees. The project on psychological - or informal - contracts deals with the question whether current uncertainty, flexibility and organisational change affect informal contracts in Swedish workplaces.


PhD thesis

Peer-reviewed articles

Working papers



  • International interdisciplinary conference on HRM.
    University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
    March 2017
    "One Size Fits All: Investigating Workplace Empowerment as Generally Desireable for Employees in the Swedish Retail Sector."

  • Conference of the Swedish Sociological Association.
    Uppsala University, Sweden.
    March 2016
    "The Dilemma in Communicating Empowerment at the Workplace."

  • ReThinking Management. The Impact of Cultural Turns.
    Karlshochschule International University, Germany.
    October 2014
    "The Paradox of Empowerment from a Sociological Point of View. New Implications for Management Research."

  • 30th International Labour Process Conference
    Stockholm University, Sweden.
    March 2012
    "The Double Bind in Communicating Empowerment as HRM/HRD Measure. A Theoretical Analysis."

  • Inter-Ivy and Sorensen Memorial Sociology Conference
    Harvard University, USA.
    April 2011
    "Respectful Empowerment as a Solution to the 'Paradox of Empowerment'."

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