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Lázaro Moreno Herrera is a Professor of Education with orientation to vocational education and training at Stockholm University, Sweden. Born in Havana, Cuba, 1964, he holds a bachelor degree (1981) and licentiate degree (1990) in education from Cuban universities, and a PhD (1998) from Åbo Academy University, Finland. He has worked as guest lecturer, visiting scholar and guest researcher in universities across Europe, Latin America, Australia and Japan.

Professor Moreno Herrera is the scientific leader of the research group Vocational Education & Training/‘Yrkeskunnande och lärande' (VETYL) at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. ‘Yrkeskunnande och lärande' is a Swedish term that translates as 'professional knowing and learning'. Considering education as a complex arena where research problems and categories often interact his research work has consequently developed along three main lines or areas and their interactions: (a) practical-aesthetical education with focus on early vocational training and polytechnic education, (b) cultural historical theory, specifically the use of activity theory in understanding educational problems within practical and early vocational education, and (c) cross-national studies of education with a focus on policy issues and equity. His extensive list of publications covers these three areas.

Professor Moreno Herrera is a frequent reviewer for research journals in the field of education and member of several editorial boards. He is also a board member of the network Vocational Education and Training (VETNET) within the European Education Research Association (EERA) and active in other research networks such as, NERA (Nordic Educational Research Association), SWERA (The Swedish Educational Research Association) and NordYrk (The Nordic Network for Vocational Education and Training). He is a scientific advisor to the Swedish Institute for Educational Research, a Swedish government agency. He has worked on European Commission funded projects as well as projects financed by the Swedish Research Council.

In addition to scientific leadership of the research group VETYL, his area of responsibility and current university assignments include: teaching courses at graduate and under-graduate levels, supervision of doctoral candidates and research administration.

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Moreno Herrera, L (2017). Research landscapes in Vocational Education and Training (VET). National enquiries and crossnational concerns. An introduction. Guest Editor Special issue Revista Española de Educación Comparada, Núm. 29 (enero-junio 2017), pp. 11-14.

Moreno Herrera, L (2016). Vocational Education and Training in Sweden: From Work-Based-Learning to School-based-Learning – and Back Again? Paideia:57, s. 119-137.

Moreno Herrera, L (2016). Yrkesutbildningsutmaningar i nya tider: vilken väg ska vi ta? Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 6:2, s. 66-83. 

Articles in the International Journal of Research in Vocational Education & Training (IJRVET):

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  • La Formacion profesional en Escandinavia

    2017. Lázaro Moreno Herrera.


    La formación profesional en Escandinavia tiene caracteristicas particulares en coorrespondencia con cada pais. Mientras que en Suecia ha estado tradicionalmente basada en el aprendizaje en los centros de formación profesional, una caracteristica que tambien comparte Finlandia, vemos que en el caso de Dinamarca el centro de formación principal ha sido el puesto de trabajo. Noruega por su parte a tenido una combinanción de ambas pero con prevalescencia del modelo basado en la escuela o centro de formación profesional. En común estos paises exhiben un desarrollo socio-economico que es reconocido como de los más avamzados a nivel internacional. La ponencia analisa las condiciones que hacen que estos sistemas hayan sido exitosos a pesar de las criticas y las transformaciones más recientes. Una discusión academica del lugar de las diferentes formas del conociemiento a tenido tambien un papel relevante, al menos a nivel de discurso, en el desarrollo de estos sistemas de enseñanza profesional. La ponencia analisa estos aspectos y los problematisa desde una perspectiva comparativa internacional.

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  • Research in VET and the methodological devides

    2017. Lázaro Moreno Herrera. Book of Abstracts


    As acknowledge in earlier research the complexity of research in VET increases given by the fact that we are dealing with problems in different levels and with different character. At macro level research in VET is concerned, for example, with policy issues, international comparison as well as cross-national challenges of qualifications frame works and mobility of work forces. At what has been defined as meso-level, there are significant challenges from the need to deal with employability, structure of VET systems and dealing with drop-outs. Equally challenging are the problems at micro-level such as the complexity of organizing learning process in different contexts (classroom and workshop), the development of vocational knowing and technological literacy. From a Swedish VET research standpoint the paper attempt to look into how to approach research problems avoiding the divides that traditionally influence the selection of methodologies and theories, also which ontologies and epistemologies lays behind the ongoing research in VET and identify cases of multi-methodologies and multi-theoretical approaches worth studying closely and disseminating.

    This presentation is part of a contribution to a expected broader discussion within the frames of the European VETNET.

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  • Analysis of the relationship activity and development of personality.

    2016. Lázaro Moreno Herrera.


    The paper  looks into the relationship activity and development of personality based on Leontiev´s work. The structure of personality and the process of transformation from individual to personality grounded on Leontiev´s research are used as springboard to discuss motivation in vocational training. By analysing the relationship personality-motivation the contribution suggest ways to look into and discuses problems in Vocational Education and Training such as dropouts.

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