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Louisa Vogiazides


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Om mig

I am a PhD Candidate in spatial demography at the Department of Human Geography and a member of the research profile Population Geography, Migration and GIS. I am also a part of the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM) and the Stockholm University SIMSAM node for Demographic Research (SUNDEM) based at Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA). I am also student affiliated of the SPaDE collaboration working on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe. I hold a master’s degree in Human Geography from Stockholm University and have a background in political sciences from the University of Manchester and the Free University of Brussels.


I am a main teacher for the undergraduate course Migration and Global Processes (Migration och Globala Processer) and the master course Advanced Method in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning (Module on Quantitative research methods). I have also been a guest teacher in the following courses:

-  Migration and Social Change, A Life Course perspective.

- Kulturgeografiska perspektiv och befolkningsgeografi (Kulturgeografi I & Samhällsplanering I)
- Urbangeografi och Samhällsplanering,
- Vetenskapliga förhållningssätt, källor och metoder (Samhällsplanering II),
- Staden i världen,
- Water – resource management in time and space, focus Greece.

I supervise undergraduate thesis in Human Geography, Spatial and Urban Planning and Development Studies.


My PhD thesis is entitled ‘Spatial and social trajectories of international migrants in Sweden’. It investigates the relationship between spatial mobility and socioeconomic integration for international migrants in Sweden. This relationship is explored through quantitative analyses mainly based on Swedish longitudinal register data. The thesis adopts a broad perspective on internal migration by considering both short-distance mobility (residential mobility) and long-distance mobility (internal migration).  By studying the differences in mobility patterns between ethnic and social groups, my research focuses on a major determinant of residential segregation.

My previous research included the topics of trafficking for forced labour and labour exploitation, migrants’ economic and social remittances and the access to housing in the Global South.


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