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Om mig

Doktorand i teatervetenskap med anknytning till RJ-projektet Förmodernitet på scen.


Maria holds an MA in Literature (Södertörn University/Stockholm University, 2008/2013). She began her research as a PhD candidate within Theatre Studies in spring 2014 and is writing her dissertation on Jean-Jacques Rousseau under the (working) title: Rousseau’s Performance Aesthetics: The search for an antidote to the poison of shadows. Much has been written about Rousseau from the perspectives of philosophy, literature, the history of ideas and musicology. Rousseau has however been largely neglected in the area of theatre studies, due to his reputation as an antagonist of the theatre. Maria’s research will draw on both Rousseau’s own work for the theatre (plays and operas) and on his philosophical texts concerning theatre, music and art.

Maria’s research interests include: Rousseau, the Enlightenment and its parallel transition towards the Romantic era, 18th century Europe in general: France and Sweden in particular, Rousseau’s influence in Sweden, melodramas, libretto translations, Anna Maria Lenngren, the concept and translation of ‘virtue’, women’s creativity and its reception, gender studies.

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