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Mats JohnssonProfessor

Om mig

About me

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry since 2012. PhD 1993, Docent 1998. Title of PhD thesis “A critical survey of the grain refining mechanisms of aluminium”. I have studied nucleation and growth during solidification, sintering of ceramic materials, synthesis and characterization of new inorganic compounds.


My main research interests are about synthesis and characterization of inorganic compounds, electrocatalysis for water splitting and valorization of alcohols, sintering and characterization of ceramic composites.

On-going projects

Electrocatalysis for valorisation of glycerol. 2018-2023, SSF. Collaboration project in between four research groups; Ann Cornell department of applied electrochemistry at KTH, Lars GM Pettersson department of Physics at Stockholm University, German Salazar-Alvarez department of solid state physics Uppsala University.

Gen IV fuel stability in aqueous systems, 2018-2022, VR. Collaboration project with Mats Jonsson at the department of applied physical chemistry KTH.

Stable inorganic electrocatalysts for water splitting, 2021-2023. Olle Engkvists stiftelse.

Recent publications

Xiaowen Yu, Rafael B. Araujo, Zhen Qiu, Egon Campos dos Santos, Athira Anil, Ann Cornell, Lars G.M. Pettersson, Mats Johnsson, “Hydrogen evolution linked to selective oxidation of glycerol over CoMoO4 – a theoretically predicted catalyst”, Advanced Energy Materials. 13 (2022) 2103750.

E.A. Scott, E. Mitoudi Vagourdi, M. Johnsson, V.A. Cascos, F. John, D.M. Picup, V. Chadwick, H. Djani, E. Bousquet, W. Zhang, P. Shiv Halasyamani, E.E. McCabe, “Bi2CoO2F4 – a polar, ferrimagnetic Aurivillius oxide-fluoride”, Chemistry of Materials. 34 (2022) 9775-9785.

Egon Campos dos Santos, Rafael B. Araujo, Mikael Valter, German Salazar-Alvarez, Mats Johnsson, Michal Bajdich, Frank Abild-Pedersen, Lars Gunnar Moody Pettersson, “Efficient Screening of Metal-Based Electrocatalysts for Glycerol Valorization”, Electrochimica Acta, 398 (2021) 139283.

Sawsan El Jamal, Mats Johnsson, Mats Jonsson, "On the Stability of Uranium Carbide in Aqueous Solution – Effects of HCO3 and H2O2", ACS Omega 6 (2021) 24289-24295.

Xiaowen Yu, Egon Campos dos Santos, Jai White, Germán Salazar-Alvarez, Lars G.M. Pettersson, Ann Cornell, and Mats Johnsson, “Electrocatalytic glycerol oxidation with concurrent hydrogen evolution utilizing an efficient MoOx/Pt catalyst”, Small 17 (2021) 2104288.

Elena Subbotina, Thanya Rukkijakan, M. Dolores Marquez‐Medina, Xiaowen Yu, Mats Johnsson, Joseph S.M. Samec, “Oxidative cleavage of C–C bonds in lignin”, Nature Chemistry 13 (2021) 1118-1125.

Bejan Hamawandi, Hazal Batili, Moon Paul, Sedat Ballikaya, Nüzhet I Kilic, Rafal Szukiewicz, Maciej Kuchowicz, Mats Johnsson, Muhammet S. Toprak, “Minute-made, high efficiency nanostructured Bi2Te3 via high-throughput green solution chemical synthesis”, Nanomaterials 11 (2021) 2053.

Xiaowen Yu, Jun Zhao, and Mats Johnsson, “Interfacial engineering of nickel hydroxide on cobalt phosphide for alkaline water electrocatalysis”, Advanced Functional Materials. 11 (2021) 2053.

Imran Ali, Reinhard K. Kremer, Henrik Skogby and Mats Johnsson, “Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of the Ternary Oxofluoride Fe3Sb4O6F6” European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 39 (2020) 3746-3752.

Bejan Hamawandi, Sedat Ballikaya, Mikael Råsander, Joseph Halim, Lorenzo Vinciguerra, Johanna Rosen, Mats Johnsson, and Muhammet Toprak, Composition Tuning of Nanostructured Binary Copper Selenides through Rapid Chemical Synthesis and their Thermoelectric Property Evaluation, Nanomaterials, 10 (2020) 854.

Eleni Mitoudi Vagourdi, Weiguo Zhang, Ksenia Denisova, Peter Lemmens, P. Shiv Halasyamani, and Mats Johnsson, “Synthesis and Characterization of two new SHG active iodates: K3Sc(IO3)6 and KSc(IO3)3Cl”, ACS Omega. 5 (2020), 5235-5240.

Research group members
Irina Terekhina (PhD student)
Tushar Kanta Sahu (postdoc)

Hatim Alnoor (researcher)