Miguel Rodriguez Medina, foto: Niklas Björling

Miguel Alberto Rodriguez Medina

Research engineer

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Arbetar vid Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum
Besöksadress Svante Arrhenius väg 20 F, plan 5
Rum P 543
Postadress Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

In April 1990 I started working at the Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University until a change of adscription in March 2007 to the Baltic Nest Institute which since the year 2013 is located at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre.

My role since I started at Stockholm University has been to administrate the Baltic Environmental Database and related activities as to assist different scientists and research groups with data, and update different web pages with documentation on the database.


Participation in completed projects
ECOSUPPORT - Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ECOsystem to SUPPORT decision making

RECOCA - Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Cost Allocation within the Baltic Sea Catchment

Participation in ongoing projects
Baltic Sea Action Plan

COCOA - Nutrient cocktail in coastal zones of the Baltic Sea – improving understanding of the transformation and retention of nutrients and organic matter in the coastal zone


My publications in DIVA

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