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Martin KolkForskare, Docent

Om mig

I am a researcher and Docent (Associate Professor) at SUDA (Stockholm University Demography Unit), CEK (Centre for Cultural Evolution), and IF (Institute for Future Studies), working on various aspects of intergenerational demography, economic demography, same-sex childbearing, and cultural evolution. Many of my research interests are about the demography of kinship and economic demography in contemporary and historical populations. Currently, I use linked register and parish data with micro-level data to examine demographic change from the mid-18th century until today. I am also working with researchers in the program for historical demography in Taipei, Taiwan.

My research interests are often related to intergenerational demographic processes, and I have written papers on many areas of demography, including fertility, mortality, migration, same-sex union formation and childbearing, and early life effects on demographic outcomes. I am also interested in cultural evolution, and in particular, relationship between cultural evolution and demographic processes. I have also written papers on population ethics and social stratification.

I am also writing/have written several Swedish language reports for different government agencies, including a Covid-19 report on mortality for the Public Health Agency, a report on the demography of China, and a report on future censuses in Sweden.

Recent studies include; kinship and stratification, long-term consequences of intergenerational transmission of fertility, age differences in unions, cohort approaches to migration, and influences of family composition in childhood on various demographic outcomes.

My Google Scholar page is available here and my CV can be found to the right.

Most of my publications are available for everyone to download using this link.

Recent Publications (since 2020):

Hällsten, Martin, and Martin Kolk (2022) “The shadow of peasant past: Seven generations of inequality persistence in Northern Sweden” American Journal of Sociology

accepted for publication: Campbell, Tim, Martin Kolk, Julia Mosquera (2022) ”Universal procreation rights and future generations” Journal of Applied Philosophy

Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, Caroline Uggla (2022) “Divorce among exogamous couples: the role of language convergence”, Acta Sociologica, accepted for publication

Kolk, Martin (2022) “The relationship between lifecourse accumulated income and childbearing of Swedish men and women”, Population Studies, accepted for publication

Shi, Jiaxin and Martin Kolk (2022) “How Does Mortality Contribute to Lifetime Pension Inequality? Evidence From Five Decades of Swedish Taxation Data”, Demography, accepted for publication

Kolk, Martin and Vegard Skirbekk (2022) “Fading Family Lines - Women and men without children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in 19th, 20th, and 21st century Northern Sweden” Advances in Life Course Research

Gardner, Eugene J., Matthew D. C. Neville, Kaitlin E. Samocha, Kieron Barclay, Martin Kolk, Mari E. K. Niemi, George Kirov, Hilary C. Martin, and Matthew E. Hurles (2022) “Sex-biased reduction in reproductive success drives selective constraint on human genes” , Nature

Grätz, Michael and Martin Kolk (2022) “Sibling Similarity in Income: A Life Course Perspective”Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

Kolk, Martin and Karim Jebari (2022) “Sex Selection for Daughters: Demographic Consequences of Female-biased Sex Ratios” , Population Research and Policy Review

Kolk, Martin, Sven Drefahl, Matthew Wallace, Gunnar Andersson (2022) "Excess mortality and COVID-19 in Sweden in 2020: A demographic account” Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, 20

Alburez-Gutierrez, Diego, Martin Kolk, and Emilio Zhageni (2021) “Women's experience of child death over the life course: A global demographic perspective” Demography

Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice and Martin Kolk (2021) “An East–West dichotomy? Shifting marriage age patterns in Taiwan and Sweden over two centuries”History of the Family

Kolk, Martin (2021) “Government transfers to parents and population policy in a global perspective: An economic demographic approach” Journal of Development Studies

Saarela, Jan and Martin Kolk (2021) “Birth order and alcohol-related mortality by ethnic origin and national context: Within-family comparisons for Finland and Sweden”, Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Kolk, Martin and Kieron Barclay (2021) “Do income and marriage mediate the relationship between cognitive ability and fertility? Data from Swedish taxation and conscriptions registers for men born 1951-1967”, Intelligence

Comolli, Chiara, Gerda Neyer, Gunnar Andersson, Lars Dommermuth, Peter Fallesen, Marika Jalovaara, Ari Jónsson, Martin Kolk and Trude Lappegård. (2021) ”Beyond the Economic Gaze: Childbearing during and after recessions in the Nordic countries” , European Journal of Population.

Barclay, Kieron and Martin Kolk (2020) “The Influence of Health in Early Adulthood on Male Fertility” Population and Development review

Saarela, Jan and Martin Kolk (2020) “Alcohol-related mortality by ethnic origin of natives: A prospective cohort study based on multigenerational population register data from Finland and Sweden”, BMJ Open

Brandén, Maria, Siddartha Aradhya, Martin Kolk, Juho Härkönen, Sven Drefahl, Bo Malmberg, Mikael Rostila, Agneta Cederström, Gunnar Andersson, Eleonora Mussino (2020): Residential Context and COVID-19 Mortality among Older Adults in Stockholm: A population-based, observational study. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography. Lancet Healthy Longevity. 1(2): e80-e88

Drefahl, Sven, Matthew Wallace, Eleonora Mussino, Siddartha Aradhya, Martin Kolk, Maria Brandén, Bo Malmberg,and Gunnar Andersson (2020) “Socio-demographic risk factors of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden: A nationwide register study”,  Nature Communications

Barclay, Kieron, Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Martin Kolk, and Anneli Ivarsson (2020) “Interpregnancy Intervals and Perinatal and Child Health in Sweden: A Comparison Within Families and Across Social Groups” Population Studies

Kolk, Martin and Gunnar Andersson (2020) Two Decades of Same-sex Marriage in Sweden. A Demographic Account of Developments in Marriage, Childbearing and Divorce” Demography,

Bernard, Aude and Martin Kolk (2020) “Why are young Swedes moving more? A cohort analysis of internal migration by move order” European Journal of Population,

Morosow, Kathrin and Martin Kolk (2020) “How does Birth Order and Number of Siblings Effect Fertility? A Within-Family Comparison using Swedish Register Data” European Journal of Population, 36: 197-233

Li, Chun-Hao, Martin Kolk, Wen-Shan Yang, and Ying-Chang Chuang (2020) “Uxorilocal Marriage as a Strategy for Heirship in a Patrilineal Society: Evidence from Household Registers in Early 20th-Century Taiwan”, History of the Family

Recent Working papers

Andersson, Linus and Martin Kolk (2022) ”Kinship and Socioeconomic Status: Social Gradients in Frequencies of Kin Across the Life Course in Sweden” >Stockholm Research Reports in Demography.

Shi, Jiaxin and Martin Kolk (2022) ”The inequality of lifetime pension” Stockholm Research Reports in Demography.

Eriksson, Helen and Martin Kolk (2022) ”Parental union dissolution and the gender revolution” Stockholm Research Reports in Demography. 2022:13

Alburez-Gutierrez, Diego, Nicola Barban, Hal Caswell, Martin Kolk, Rachel Margolis, Emily Smith-Greenaway, Xi Song, Ashton Verdery, Emilio Zagheni. (2022) . “Kinship, Demography, and Inequality: Review and Key Areas for Future Development.” SocArXiv.

Qi, Haodong and Martin Kolk. (2022) “How Does University Education Pay Off? – A Longitudinal Analysis of Life-Cycle Earnings”, submitted manuscript

Kolk, Martin, Linus Andersson, Emma Pettersson, Sven Drefahl.(2021) ”The Swedish Kinship Universe – A demographic account of the number of children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, and cousins using national population registers”>Stockholm Research Reports in Demography.

Wood, J., Marynissen, L., Nisén, J., Fallesen, P., Neels, K., Trimarchi, A., Dommermuth, L., Van Gaalen, R., Kolk, M., Martikainen, P. (2021) “Regional variation in women’s education-fertility nexus in Northern and Western Europe” MPIDR Working Paper WP-2021-021

Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, Caroline Uggla (2021) “Discordance between language use and ethnolinguistic affiliation predicts divorce of exogamous couples” Stockholm Research Reports in Demography. 2021:24

Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, and Ognjen Obućina. (2020) “Kinship, Heritage and Ethnic Choice: Ethnolinguistic Registration across Four Generations in Contemporary Finland” Stockholm Research Reports in Demography. 2020:16

Hällsten, Martin, and Martin Kolk (2020) “The shadow of peasant past: Seven generations of inequality persistence in Northern Sweden” SocArXiv.

Doctoral thesis:

Kolk, Martin (2014) Multigenerational processes in demography.Stockholm University: Stockholm.