Cobia going from freshwater bath (removing parasites) back to its cage. Nha Trang, VIetnam

Nils Hedberg


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Arbetar vid Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum
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Postadress Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

I am a PhD student in tropical marine ecotoxicology. I do my fieldwork in Vietnam. I use transdisciplinary research methods e.g. GIS, interviews, genetics, in vivo and in situ experiments. 


I teach following courses:

·        Management of marine resources in the tropics 

·        Ecotoxicology

·        Östersjöns miljö

·        Bachelor and master projects


Aquaculture and Coral Reefs


I am investigating how coral reefs are impacted by aquaculture in South East Asia. 

Senast uppdaterad: 11 juni 2020

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