Stockholms universitet

Paul JohannessonProfessor


Paul Johannesson is teaching courses on Enterprise Modelling and Business Models on both bachelor and master level. He is the examiner of bachelor and master theses at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences.


Paul Johannesson received his BSc in Mathematics, and his PhD in Computer Science from Stockholm University in 1983 and 1993, respectively. He became docent in 1995. He holds a position as professor at Stockholm University, where he works in the area of information systems. Johannesson has published work on federated information systems, translation between data models, languages for conceptual modelling, schema integration, the use of linguistic instruments in information systems, process integration, e-commerce systems design, analysis patterns in systems design, and value modelling. He is the co-author of text books on conceptual modelling, and design science. He has been a member of several EU projects on knowledge based systems and requirements engineering. He has been the project leader of and participated in several national projects on information integration, the use of IT in teaching information systems design, process modelling and integration, and IT in health care.