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I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2008. Pernilla Hallonsten. Facta Universitatis 6 (1), 35-50

    Viewing language as an evolutionary process can offer a new insight into our understanding of historical changes. It also raises significant questions to the nature of language. In this paper, the English -ing form is examined from a recapitulationist hypothesis perspective, aiming to elucidate the complexity around the grammatical category membership of the different functions of this form. The study of the -ing form in child language acquisition as compared to its history will lead to the discussion of how the functions are connected, both structurally and cognitively. By searching outside the traditional grammatical approaches to grammatical categories, it is possible to make clear the identity of the -ing form.

  • 2011. Pernilla Hallonsten, Junichi Toyota, Borko Kovačević. ELLSIIR Proceedings, Vol. I, 325-333
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