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Forskarstuderande vid institutionen för socialt arbete. Avhandlingsprojektet Hemtjänst i förändring - personalens vardag och villkor analyserar hemtjänstpersonalens arbetssituation i Sverige. 


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Socialt arbete med äldre personer: professionella arbetsmetoder och förhållningssätt, 7.5 hp, avancerad nivå



I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas

  • Care workers under pressure - A comparison of the work situation in Swedish home care 2005 and 2015

    2020. Rebecka Strandell. Health & Social Care in the Community 28 (1), 137-147


    As in many Western countries, eldercare services in Sweden have changed dramatically over recent decades. Population ageing, ageing-in-place policies, pressures to contain costs and organisational reforms linked to New Public Management are challenging public home care. There is, however, limited knowledge about how the job content and working conditions have changed in the Swedish home care across this period. This article aims to analyse and compare the work situation in the Swedish home care in 2005 and 2015. The analysis is based on the international Nordcare survey and draws on the subsample of respondents working in Swedish home care 2005 and 2015 (n = 371). The data were analysed with bivariate and multivariate methods. The results suggest that, overall, the work situation of home-care workers was worse in 2015 compared to 2005. For example, those surveyed in 2015 reported meeting a larger number of clients per day, receiving less support from their supervisors, and having less time to discuss difficult situations with colleagues and considerably less scope to affect the planning of their daily work. Care workers in 2015 were also more mentally exhausted than those surveyed in 2005. In addition, the workers in 2015 experienced an accumulation of work-related problems. Deteriorating working conditions could be related to cutbacks and organisational reforms, and evidence suggests that home-care workers are paying a high price for ageing-in-place policies. Improvements of the work situation in home care are necessary not only to ensure the quality of care for older people, but also to ensure workers' well-being and to recruit and retain care workers, and thus, to meet the future needs for home care in an ageing society.

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  • RUT-en nödvändig lyx

    2012. Rebecka Falk (et al.).

    The aim of this thesis was to study elderly people’s experiences of and approach to their usage of home care services with tax deduction. The aim was also to describe how elderly people reason about their underlying motives of using home care service with tax deduction. The study is based on six qualitative interviews with people between the ages of 65 and 80, living in Nacka, Sweden. This thesis is a collaboration with Stiftelsen Stockholms läns Äldrecentrum/ Stockholm Gerontology Center and part of their follow up study concerning simplified administration for elderly people applying for home care services in Nacka. The theory of rational choice was used in the analysis of the results. The primary results showed that elderly people’s usage of home care services with tax deduction was limited though regular and consist mainly of basic domestic work. The overall experiences of using home care services with tax deduction were positive and described in terms of satisfaction and as a possibility of independence and influence regarding their needs of services and how they were executed. The results indicate that the usage of home care services with tax deduction is partly based on elderly people’s lack of confidence in publicly-financed elderly care. Due to the distrust in elderly care and the self-determing factors home care services with tax deduction generated, their choice of using home care services with tax deduction seemed more appealing than publicly-financed home care services. 

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