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  • 2015. Laura Ferrer-Wreder (et al.). Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture, 502-518

    This chapter provides a cross-cultural exploration of antisocial behavior, substance use, and sexual behavior in relation to health among emerging and young adults. By summarizing what is known about these risk behaviors and health in Sweden, Japan, and Turkey, the authors discuss differences and commonalities between countries in terms of proximal causes and the relations between risk behaviors and disease. Finally, the authors discuss the importance of the development of theories that have the potential to bridge the not-so-distal connection between cultural resources, developmental processes, and health. The chapter ends with an examination of selected themes across the respective nations and recommendations for how to advance future research on risk and health in emerging and young adults.

  • 2012. Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Sarah Thomas. PsycCritiques 57 (37)

    Reviews the book, Adolescent Psychology Around the World edited by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett (see record 2011-23173-000). This book offers readers profiles of adolescents’ everyday lives. Each chapter provides a summary of relevant information on adolescents in one country. The authors were charged with addressing the same 14 topics, and the products are national views on adolescents coupled with the possibility of cross-national comparisons by topic area. The book aims to correct an imbalance in adolescent research, which is overly focused on American adolescents. Although the book’s stated purpose is a descriptive one, questions about what is development itself, what is the relation between human development and culture, and what is optimal youth development from a global perspective are hard to avoid when one is reading this volume. Even if one has a desire for this book to have had more ambitious aims in terms of theory and metatheory, it does illustrate the value of attempting to take culture seriously. Because this book represents one of the many steps needed to move psychology and the field of human development forward, it is essential reading, whether one is a practitioner working with adolescents or a university lecturer or student participating in a course connected to adolescence or human development. Scholars will also find Adolescent Psychology Around the World a useful work, with many chapters providing high-quality scholarship and/or novel coverage of topics within the field of adolescence.

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