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Om mig

I am passionate about philosophy, human rights, and implementing good ideas. I have a broad background and professional experience from business, academia, and social entrepreneurship. 
I have conducted research as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and have a PhD in philosophy from Lund University, where I recently held a position as assistant Professor of Human Rights. 
My research is focused on the concept of social power and social structures, and social phenomena in general. I work in the field of social ontology. My dissertation is called Power and Social Ontology, Bokbox Publications 2007. 


I really enjoy teaching philosophy and working together with students and colleagues. I have a broad background and professional experience from business, academia, and social entrepreneurship that I draw on in working together with students.  
Next semester I will be teaching two classes directly related to my research, social ontology and the philosophy of the social sciences.
I am also looking forward to teaching global ethics this summer and relate it to my former teaching on the philosophical foundations of human rights at Lund University. Besides the classroom teaching I will also supervise student's thesis. 


The concept of social power and the nature of social phenomena

In my dissertation, I investigated the fundamental nature and structure of society by comparing and contrasting major works in the field of social ontology. More specifically, I provide a definition of social power and the various forms it takes, i.e. a taxonomy of different types of social power.  

I am currently engaged in work on the normativity of the social world, e.g. in viewing human rights from the perspective of social ontology. 


The concept of social entrepreneurship 

This work consists both of a conceptual analysis of social entrepreneurship, drawing on definitions in the research literature, and influentical understandings from the practice of social entrepreneurship, e.g. how main organizations use this concept. Furthermore, I view the field of social entrepreneurship from moral philosophy asking a central question: Are social entrepreneurs moral?

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