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Om mig

I am a PhD student at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. I hold a MSc. in International and Comparative Education from Stockholm University.

Before joining the doctoral program, I had an internship in UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre and a traineeship in Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), where I worked in the VET (Vocational Educational and Training) policies and systems content support project. My work during this time has reinforced my interest in the field of VET.

In addition to my research interests, I am motivated to improve learning in universities.  I am member in organizations that promote student involvement in higher education with a focus on engineer programs (SPEED and BEST). Supporting students’ research groups, I enjoy meeting and working with diverse groups of people and introducing an alternative scientific thinking to future engineers.



I teach in the course Education in Multicultural Society on undergraduate level and the independent course Argue with Research.


As a PhD candidate, I explore vocational education and training (VET) with a focus on teachers and trainers. I am currently conducting a mixed method research study, engaging vocational teachers, school principals and VET experts in an attempt to formulate a competence framework that would portray the professional profile of successful vocational teachers. This study will look at the Swedish education, since it is a country example of promising education practices.


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Antera, S. (2019). VET trainers in the market of adult education. In Moreno Herrera, L., Gougoulakis, P. and Teräs, M., (eds), Facets and Aspects of Research on Vocational Education and Training at Stockholm University. Vol. 4. Stockholm: premiss, pp. 268-279.

Antera, S., Manasova, D., & Mihajlov, S. (2017). Professors' Competences Through the Perspective of STEM Students. In ICL2017 – 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (pp. 1131-1142). Budapest, Hungary: © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011.

Antera, S. (2017). Adult educators’ competences. The principals’ view. A comparative study of Komvux and Folk high schools in Sweden, (Dissertation), 2017. Retrieved from 

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