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Sophia Gustafsson CapkovaForskningssekreterare, forskarskolan i språkvetenskap

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  • Studierektor för utbildning på forskarnivå
  • Studierektor för logopedutbildningen vid Stockholms universitet
  • Forskningssekreterare vid Forskarskolan i språkvetenskap - FoSprak


I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas

  • The Stockholm University Strindberg Corpus

    2014. Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam, Sofia Gustafson Capková, Mats Wirén. Strindberg on International Stages/Strindberg in Translation


    We have approached the works of August Strindberg from  a computational linguistic point of view, resulting in The Stockholm University Strindberg Corpus, consisting of seven of Strindberg's autobiographical works with linguistic annotation. The corpus is freely available for research. We use this corpus for three quantitative studies of Strindberg’s work: in the first, we describe the novels included in the corpus by keywords; in the second, we compare Strindberg’s use of emotionally charged words with selected prose of both his contemporaries and present-day authors; in the third, we explore the semantic prosody of KVINNA (“woman”) and MAN (“man”).

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