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Jag arbetar med vetenskaplig publicering av tidskrifter och böcker Stockholm University Press. Jag bloggar ofta på Allt material som publiceras av universitets förlag görs öppet tillgängligt i digitalt format.​ Det gör att jag också är inblandad i att arbeta med information om öppen tillgång både på lokal, nationell och internationell nivå, bl.a. via LIBERs arbetsgrupp för Open Access och samarbete mellan universitetsförlag genom OPERAS-projektet.

Förutom förlagsverksamheten på biblioteket, arbetar jag också med utbildning för studenter och forskare om bibliotekets resurser, källkritik och vetenskaplig kommunikation.

Under 2018–2019 arbetar jag med projekt vid Centrum för Universitetslärarutbildning (CeUL), bl.a. med rådgivning och kursdesign relaterat till den nya lärplattformen Athena samt kursverksamhet relaterat till digitalisering i högre utbildning.

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  • A Library Infrastructure for the Practices of Scholarly Communication

    2015. Sofie Wennström. New Models for Libraries


    Stockholm University Press, founded in 2014, will publish its first Open Access books in early 2015, and one academic journal is already up and running. This presentation will cover the current challenges for Stockholm University Press, how we plan to move forward in the immediate future, and last but not least outline plans for further developments.As a new player in the arena of scholarly communication, with ambitions to reach the highest international level, the competition is stiff. The innovative working model with exchange of ideas and best practices through strategic international partnerships with other university presses will build a sustainable model for publication of peer-reviewed books and journals. The aim is to create more options for researchers at the university to communicate their results to a wider audience.The practice of running the press raises a number of questions: how does the library provide a reliable infrastructure worthy of academic exchange of ideas on an international level; how do we make the review process count in relation to evaluation methods of scholarly work; how do we provide a publishing service that benefits the researchers to a greater extent in comparison with traditional models; and how can the library act as a centre of excellence collecting knowledge about scholarly communication in relation to the publishing entity?Stockholm University Press is now implementing an online infrastructure for a peer-review process for quality control for Open Access monographs and book chapters. The quality control workflow has been developed in close collaboration with active scholars as well as a strategic partner, a company called Ubiquity Press. The evaluation process managed by the editorial teams of researchers should be rigorous, transparent, efficient, and follow international guidelines on publication ethics. We believe that the researcher-led publishing approach will lead to more usage, more citations and more recognition for the work done by scholars. not only in the number of papers published but also through recognition of the peer-review process by using the bibliometrics created.

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  • Five principles to navigate a bumpy golden road towards open access

    2018. Matthijs Van Otegem, Sofie Wennström, Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen.


    The publishing ecosystem of the future will be built on several models such as offsetting agreements as well as various open access publishing channels. The LIBER Open Access Working Group has issued five principles to support libraries in their efforts to negotiate offsetting deals as they move towards full open access to research information. This article describes why the five principles were created and the underlying considerations and limitations encountered while working on them.

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