Allmänna seminarieserien i psykologi, med Anna Jon-And


Datum: onsdag 24 april 2024

Tid: 14.00 – 15.00

Plats: Seminarierum Smultron, Albano

Onsdag 24 april, kl. 14:00-15:00: Universitetslektor Anna Jon-And, Centrum för kulturell evolution och Avdelningen för kognitiv psykologi vid Psykologiska institutionen, talar om "Exploring the basis for language: evolutionary transition and a minimal cognitive architecture".

Anna Jon-And, profilfoto
Anna Jon-And

Seminariet äger rum onsdag den 24 april 2024, kl. 14:00–15:00, i mötesrum Smultron, Hus 4, plan 3, Albano, samt över Zoom.


Sammanfattning (på engelska)

Human language is uniquely complex in relation to other species' communication. Key questions for understanding the evolution of human language are why it evolved, why it did not evolve in other species, and what actually evolved. In this talk I will present theoretical explorations of the hypothesis that human linguistic as well as other cultural capacities are rooted in accurate memory for stimulus sequences.

This hypothesis is grounded in empirical observations of differences between humans and other animals in recognizing and remembering sequential information. I will first present formal evolutionary analyses of the utility of sequence representation showing that sequence representation is exceedingly costly and that current memory systems found in animals may prevent abilities necessary for language to emerge.

For sequence representation to evolve, an abundance of useful sequential information and extensive learning opportunities are required, two conditions that were likely fulfilled early in human evolution. I will then present a minimal cognitive architecture aiming at testing whether the three cognitive components sequence memory, chunking and schematizing are sufficient to learn complex grammar from exposure to language input.

Avdelningen för kognitiv psykologi ansvarar för dagens seminarium, kontaktperson är Fredrik Jönsson.

Om Allmänna seminarieserien

Institutionens forskningsavdelningar samarbetar i Allmänna seminarieserien, där nationella och internationella forskare inbjuds att tala om aktuella forskningsämnen. Seminarierna äger rum onsdagar kl. 14–15 i Albano om annat ej anges, med eller utan stöd av Zoom. Extraseminarier kan förekomma på andra dagar och tider, bland annat halvtidsseminarier i forskarutbildningen.


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