Allmänna seminarieserien i psykologi, med Lázló Harmat


Datum: onsdag 12 oktober 2022

Tid: 14.00 – 15.00

Plats: Seminarierum Tranbär, Hus 4, plan 3, Albano

Onsdag 12 oktober, kl 14-15: Lázló Harmat, docent i psykologi vid Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö, talar om "The advantage of happiness: How to achieve flow experience at the work place".

Lázló Harmat, porträtt
Docent Lázló Harmat, Linnéuniversitetet

Seminariet äger rum onsdag den 12 oktober 2022, kl. 14-15.

Plats: Preliminärt i seminarierum Tranbär, Hus 4, plan 3, Albano.

Språk: Seminariet kommer att ges på engelska.

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Flow experience is generally defined as a complex and positive state characterized by deep involvement and absorption. The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced the term ‘flow’ in his studies of visual artists, who reported to frequently have flow experiences while painting, and that these experiences were important for their motivation to continue engage with their professional activities. The research continued with studies of chess players, rock climbers, dancers, and other professionals who emphasized intrinsic enjoyment of the activity as the main reason for pursuing their vocational interests.

Workers’ psychological connection with their jobs has become the core research theme in the field of organisational psychology. I will introduce how psychological flow experience on individual and group level can be helpful to engage employees with job related activities and improve their performance at work. Previous research suggested that workers who are engaged have a propensity for working to their full potential, perform to a high standard. In addition, work engagement has benefits for the employee, as it entails a positive and fulfilling job-related state of mind, which is characterised by a sense of energetic, effective, and enthusiastic connection with the activities in the job.

Avdelningen för arbets- och organisationspsykologi ansvarar för dagens seminarium. Kontaktperson är Annika Lantz Friedrich.

Om Allmänna seminarieserien

Institutionens forskningsavdelningar samarbetar i Allmänna seminarieserien, där nationella och internationella forskare inbjuds att tala om aktuella forskningsämnen. Seminarierna äger rum onsdagar kl. 14-15 i Albano om annat ej anges, med eller utan stöd av Zoom. Extraseminarier kan förekomma på andra dagar och tider, bl a halvtidsseminarier i forskarutbildningen.


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