Blomqvist, Jan

Jan Blomqvist

Jan Blomqvist is a licensed psychologist, and an associate professor in social work. At SoRAD, he holds a position as professor in sociological alcohol research.

He has previously worked as a practitioner in the addiction field, and as a research leader with responsibility for alcohol and drug issues in the Research and Development unit in the city of Stockholm. His previous research has concerned treatment evaluation, historical studies of the treatment system, and studies of choices of intervention and decision-making processes within the social services. 

In a number of projects, he has further critically examined various “wonder cures” that have been launched to improve addiction care, for example the so-called "matching hypothesis" and the call for evidence-based treatment. In recent years, he has investigated recovery from addiction problems outside the treatment system (prevalence, processes, and mechanisms), as well as the ways in which the general public and treatment professionals perceive various forms of addiction,  and the consequences of these ideas for those concerned.

In addition, he conducts research on the effects of current governmental initiatives in the addiction area.


Ongoing projects


Use or misuse - professionals' conseptions of alcohol and drug consumption

"Putting the client in the driver's seat"

Evidence-based addiction care - from vision to practice

Addiction treatment politics and the dynamics of conseptualisation. Naming problematic drinking and drug use in Finland and Sweden 1911-2011

The social context of rehabilitation (ended in 2010 but partly continiues in the project Evidence-based addiction care, Images and Alice Rap)

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