There are no mathematical equations in this guide and it is limited to aspects that are fundamental for conducting research. It contains everything from descriptive statistics to advanced regression analysis. As such, it can be useful for both practitioners as well as for students at the undergraduate level, the advanced level, and the doctoral level.

This guide is free for anyone to use and distribute. Any questions, inqueries, or reporting of errors in the guide may be directed to Ylva B Almquist.


Table of contents (lastest version)

1. The SPSS environment
2. Basic statistical concepts
3. Descriptive statistics
4. Producing descriptive statistics in SPSS
5. Other useful features in SPSS
6. Statistical significance
7. Compare means
8. Chi square
9. Correlation analysis
10. Factor analysis
11. X, Y and Z
12. Preparations for regression analysis
13. Linear regression
14. Logistic regression
15. Ordinal regression
16. Multinomial regression
17. Interaction analysis

Example data used in the guide

SPSS_data1 (1840 Kb)
SPSS_data2 (9330 Kb)