Doctoral level

Doctoral level

The doctoral level education in public health sciences at Stockholm University puts emphasis on perspectives that illuminates the causes of health inequalities, how various living conditions and opportunities influence the individual's health across the life course as well as how structural factors, individual actions, and biopsychological mechanisms interact. Theoretical as well as methodological skills and abilities are central, as are knowledge and reflections concerning interventions aimed toward more equal health.

Admission to doctoral studies

Opportunity to apply for doctoral studies in Public Health Sciences are given twice a year, resources permitting. The application deadline is 15 March and 15 October, and vacancies are announced one month in advance of the application deadline.

General Study Plan

General study plan for doctoral education in the subject of public health sciences.

PhD Handbook

The handbook is an updated compilation of guidelines and procedures for PhD students and supervisors at the Department of Public Health Sciences.

Doctoral Level Courses

The courses comprise 75 higher education credits for a doctoral degree, and 45 higher education credits for a licentiate degree. Out of these credits, at least 22.5 credits (for a doctoral degree) or 12 credits (for a licentiate degree) should constitute method courses. Introduction to Public Health Sciences, worth 7.5 credits at the doctoral level, is mandatory.

Higher seminars in PHS

The purpose of the higher seminar series is to promote high quality research through opportunities to receive informed and constructive comments on research manuscripts.

Forms and Regulations

All forms and regulations referred to in the General Study Plan are available at this site.

Journal Club

Within the Journal Club, PhDs meet every second month to critically evaluate selected articles in the scientific literature.

Plan your public defence

These document are aimed at doctoral students at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University.


Director of Studies
Doctoral level

Peter Larm
+46 (0)8 674 79 67

Study counsellor
Anna Nyström
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Study administrator
Linda Rämö
+46 (0)8 674 75 61

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