This workshop will explore, in a comparative way, the similarities and differences in state regulation of gambling across the Nordic countries. Although the Nordic countries share certain socio-cultural similarities, there are also important differences in the state-gambling relationships, the political economy of gambling and regulatory set-ups and their impact on gambling activities. Internationally, as well as on a Nordic level, there is little research that investigates the politics of gambling legislation. While the existing literature indicates a convergence towards a common policy standard, there still seem to be significant national variations across the Nordic countries. Also, there are indications that issues such as problem gambling prevention, treatment of problem gambling and consumer protection show notably variations across the Nordic countries. Several Nordic researchers have already made considerable contributions on these issues, however a significant part of this work is cast in a national frame of reference which calls for closer pan-Nordic collaboration. This workshop aim to bring relevant Nordic scholars together with junior researchers in order to fertilize a path for new comparative insights into the state-gambling relationship across the Nordic countries, laying the ground for future comparative research collaborations.

In this workshop, we will explore a range of questions such as:

  • How do the political and cultural contexts in the Nordic countries impact the development of commercial gambling?
  • How do cultural and political differences across the Nordic countries relate to variations in gambling legislation?
  • How can we explain Nordic cross-country divergence in terms of consumer protection and treatment programs in an era of gambling policy convergence?

GARN Network Meeting

The GAMIC workshop will be followed by a one-day meeting with the Swedish Network for Gambling Researchers (GARN), open for all registered GAMIC participants, on October 15th, 2019.

GAMIC Workshop & GARN Network Meeting


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