Welcome to an open seminar with Susanna Toivanen (Department of Public Health Sciences). Together with Dr. Lúcia Rotenberg (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro) and Dr. Claudia Moreno (University of São Paulo, USP) she will give an overview of the present CAPES/STINT programme.

At this seminar we will present the Swedish Brazilian collaboration titled "Social determinants of health and aging: occupational and contextual factors in Sweden and Brazil" with support from research councils STINT and CAPES. The collaboration started already 2008, and has since then developed towards new topics and expanded network.

In September our Brazilian colleagues Dr. Lúcia Rotenberg from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro and Dr. Claudia Moreno from the University of São Paulo, USP are visiting Stockholm. Together we will give an overview of the present CAPES/STINT programme, and highlight a few ongoing topics.

Also, Dr. Rotenberg will present an emerging research topic to further develop with Swedish researchers: "How social acceleration affects the work and health of academics" focusing on the specific work characteristics of university employees in Brazil and Sweden. Please join us with your creative thinking and suggestions!

For more information about the joint Swedish Brazilian collaboration (in Swedish):

We wish you all welcome!

Susanna Toivanen
Swedish coordinator for the CAPES/STINT programme