Johan Rehnberg: Inequalities in life and death: Income and mortality in an ageing population
Katarina Winter: Everybody knows?: Conversational coproduction in communication of addiction expertise
Julia Åhlin: Rythm of the job stress blues: Psychosocial working conditions and depression in working life and across retirement

Helena Schiller: How to work for a good night's sleep
Olof Östergren: Understanding the Educational Gradient in Mortality
Can Liu (September 2017)
Helio Adelino Manhica (August 2017)
Andrea Dunlavy: Between Two Worlds: Studies of migration, work, and health

Gabriella Olsson: Expressions of context: Studies of schools, families, and health risk behaviours
Natalie Holowko (June 2016)

Karl Gauffin (October 2015)
Mia Ahlberg (February 2015)

Alexander Miething: Others’ income, one’s own fate: How income inequality, relative social position and social comparisons contribute to disparities in health
Lisa Folkesson Hellstadius: Psychobiological functioning in mid-adolescent girls and boys: Linkages to self reported stress, self-esteem and recurrent pain

Amal Khanolkar
Jenny Torssander: Equality in Death?: How the Social Positions of Individuals and Families are Linked to Mortality
Sanna Tikkaja

Sara Fritzell
Anton Lager
Karolina Lindström
Ylva B Almquist: A class of origin: The school class as a social context and health disparities in a life-course perspective
Beata Jablonska

Kristiina Rajaleid: Early and later life mechanisms in the aetiology of cardiovascular disease
Sara Brolin Låftman: Children's Living Conditions: Studies on Health, Family and School
Christina Scheffel Birath: Women with alcohol problems seeking treatment : Underlying individual and psychosocial characteristics
Stefan Fors: Blood on the tracks: Life-course perspectives on health inequalities in later life

Jenny Freidenfelt Liljeberg
Jennie Ahrén

Marie Väfors Fritz: Psychosocial adjustment problems: Individual and acculturation differences