REWHARD (RElations, Work and Health across the life-course - A Research Data infrastructure) is a national research infrastructure intended to ensure the long-term survival, development and use of four complementary, high quality longitudinal databases in Sweden. The constituent databases are the Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health (SLOSH), Insurance Medicine All Sweden (IMAS), Swedish Twin project Of Disability pension and Sickness absence (STODS) and the Level of Living Survey (LNU). The infrastructure is organised as a consortium with Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institutet as members and where the four nodes SLOSH, IMAS, STODS and LNU are included.


REWHARD is currently building a structure to offer researchers, primarily in Sweden, service in several different ways: access to well-documented data, support with analyses of data that cannot be handed over because of privacy issues, online visualisation, sharing of statistical syntaxes, guidance while planning studies as well as when ordering and checking data from government agencies and the included cohort studies. We also organise seminars about the use of Swedish databases for research within REWHARD’s subject area. More detailed information will gradually become available at this home page. Information about how to access SLOSH and LNU data are available at the cohort websites (cf. links on the right).