Our Department is the workplace of more than 100 teachers, researchers, phd candidates and administrative staff.
The Department has 10 professors, more than 40 lecturers/researchers and about 30 phd candidates. For more information about our staff members, see under Personal Webpages.


At the Department studies can be pursued at the Bachelor's and Master's level in our areas, leading to a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Elective courses in all three areas can also be chosen to fulfil the requirements in a number of other degree programmes or to supplement other studies.
Doctoral programmes are offered in the Romance and classical languages.

Approximately 1000 students take courses at the department each year. There are about 30 phd candidates.

Scholarly Research

Scholarly research is essential at our department. Research ranges over linguistics, literature and discourse analysis, classical and medieval philology, contemporary social science within Latin American studies, cultural studies and other interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with other departments and universities. The Department has a wide network of international contacts and extensive experience of student and scholarly exchange.