Italian is spoken as a first language by about 70 million people. The language is very popular as a foreign language among people around the world, and it is one of the world’s major cultural languages. Throughout history, Italy has been prominent in classical music, opera, literature, art, architecture, cinema and fashion. It is thus a natural choice for those who want to study different art forms or aesthetics. During your studies, you will develop your oral proficiency and learn the differences between various Italian dialects spoken in the country. Much time will be devoted to written proficiency, and you will gain extensive knowledge of Italian grammar. You will also learn about Italian culture from a comparative perspective, as well as how the culture is reflected in the language. Throughout the training, you will read Italian literature and learn about Italian history and social development. You can also take our study-abroad course Italian I in Italy.

Entry requirements

General and specific entry requirements.
Specific entry requirements Italian 2.

Labour market

Being able to speak Italian is an asset in the labour market, and demand is increasing. Your studies will prepare you for many professional activities related to language: in schools and higher education, in archives, museums and libraries, in publishing, journalism, interpreting, translation, fashion and tourism, as well as in the film and television sector. In trade and industry, being able to speak Italian is a great asset, as Italy is one of the world’s largest economies.


In order to receive a Degree of Bachelor with Italian as your main field of study, you can either take individual courses in Italian worth at least 120 higher education credits, together with courses in other subjects worth 60 credits, or choose one of the following programmes: